Whale Coast Technologies

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Whale Coast Technologies offers a range of technologies that can save electricity, give us electrical back-up during power outages or allows us to go completely off-grid. Prices are competitive and all profits go towards supporting WCC’s work for the environment. Expert advice on all the options is available.



When the spectres of environmental challenges give you sleepless nights, who are you going to call?  Whale Coast Conservation is in the business of busting problems. Call 028 316 2527 or summon a solution at wcc.greenhouse@gmail.com.

On 29 August 2017 Whale Coast Conservation (WCC) will launch its innovative income generating arm, to be known as Whale Coast Technologies.

The aim of the venture will be to make a profit on the services and products it offers to clients and to use the additional income to fund the educational and other projects it undertakes.

Whale Coast Technologies (WCT) will be managed as a separate business entity, dedicated to generating a profit that will be donated to WCC.  WCT will provide a range of environmental services to clients which can be divided into the sale of items that support sustainable lifestyles (dubbed Nuts and Bolts) and the provision of consultancy services (dubbed Pen and Ink).


WCT will provide professional advice on the incorporation of solar-passive, energy and water saving and other technologies for sustainable living into building designs, including the supply of items for which WCT has already acquired agencies. WCT will advise on:

  • Solar and wind powered alternative energy system design, equipment supply and installation
  • Domestic and small business electrical UPS backup system design, equipment supply and installation.


WCT will provide consulting services on Environmental Impact Assessment and Change of Land Use

The expert staff of WCT are equipped to represent the interests of Interested and Affected Parties (IAP) in public participation processes relating to Environmental Impact Assessment and Change of Land Use processes, including submission of comment documents.

They also have extensive experience in carrying out the functions of Environmental Control Officer on projects that are subject to Environmental Management Plans prescribed on authorisation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports.

They will conduct training workshops to develop public participation process skills for Interested and Affected Parties.

Consult WCT on Solid Waste Management.

WCT can review factory / farm / business solid waste management systems and advise on minimising waste disposed to landfill sites.

This service can also involve the design and implementation of streamlined solid waste management systems for factories / farms / businesses.

WCT can assess Water Quality through abiotic and bacterial water quality assessments and pinpoint sources of pollution, including the identification, monitoring and management of all recreational water.

WCT can prepare Coastal Waters Discharge Permit Applications which have to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs in terms of the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008 (Act No. 24 of 2008)