Water for Ecosystems


There are many different kinds of ecosystems find in the land and in water. For example, there are forest, desert, grassland, river and coastal ecosystems. All the Earth’s ecosystems make up the biosphere. The non-living part of the ecosystem influence what living organism can live there. The living and non-living parts of an ecosystem interact as a system. 

Parts of the Ecosystem

Living / Biotic Non-living / Abiotic
Producers Air
Consumers Water

In an aquatic ecosystem, the organisms will form the following type of FEEDING RELATIONSHIPS (Food Chains).

 = eaten by


Producers =   make their own food, also called autotrophs (self-feeders)

Consumers = feeding on producers, also called heterotrophs (other-feeders)

Herbivores =  plant eaters

Carnivores =  meat eaters

In every ecosystem water plays an important role. Producers in this case needs water to produce food, all the living organisms feeding on producers also needs water in order to survive. Also water is a habitat in an coastal or river ecosystem.