[CLOSED] Comment on the Proposed New CBD Bypass Road in Hermanus

  • 2016-08-26 at 10:12 AM #2920

    Dear Members,

    Donald Grant, the Western Cape Minister of Transport, is coming to Hermanus to talk about the proposed Hermanus Bypass on Thursday 28th July, at 10 am in the Fernkloof Hall. The meeting was organised by the Ward 3 Councillor, but anyone is welcome to attend.

    Whale Coast Conservation has submitted comments on the Scoping Report for the proposed Bypass. You can access our comments here.

    Only questions that have been submitted to the ward councillor by the end of Wednesday will be allowed at the meeting. Please submit any questions you would like to ask Minister Grant as soon as possible to karibrice@hermanus.co.za.

    Your presence at the meeting on Thursday is important and will keep you informed on the present status of the bypass.

    Whale Coast Conservation has the following concerns, among many others:

    1. Why does the Provincial Roads Department advocate building a bypass road that is inconsistent with stated provincial spatial development policy and strategies to reduce private motorcar traffic?  The Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF) strongly advocates policy and strategies to move away from individual motorised transport, especially in urban areas, and to transform urban areas so that public and non-motorised modes of transport become the norm.
    2. What study has been done into what transport and spatial development alternatives there are to building the proposed bypass road in Hermanus?
    3. Why has the real value of the land that is proposed to be expropriated from Fernkloof Nature Reserve not been considered in the costing? Fernkloof Nature Reserve has enormous real value. The total economic value of nature-based tourism in the Cape Floristic Region is well over R7bn (Turpie et all, 2003 – probably at least double that now). The Cape Provincial Government has a duty to protect every natural asset. Yet it sees fit to view a proclaimed nature reserve as free land to be sacrificed for infrastructure development. This is unacceptable and sets a very dangerous precedent for the future conservation of protected areas. It also invalidates any costing comparison with planning alternatives.

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