Coastal Waters Discharge Permit – application for I&J Danger Point Abalone Farm

CWDP Application-Danger Point abalone farm Appendix 1-Flow chart Appendix 2-Maps Appendix 3-Monitoring protocol Appendix 4a-DAFF results Appendix 4b-CSIR results Appendix ...
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Spatial Development Framework – Western Cape Provincial (PSDF)

Western Cape’s Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF) The PSDF was signed into law in June 2009 as a Structure Plan ...
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Royal Society Transactions – Articles on the Bot River Estuary by various authors

Introduction to Transactions of the Royal Society 01 Geomorphology, Offshore Bathymetry And Quaternary Lithostratigraphy Around The Bot River Estuary – ...
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Hermanus Swimming Beach Policy

SWIMMING BEACH CLEANING POLICY A draft swimming beach cleaning policy was submitted at the council meeting on 18 November, with ...
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