Stripes the Eco Cat

An eco-cat is perhaps a ridiculous idea, as cats are not regarded as particularly eco-friendly. However, children can relate to him as he also misunderstands the ‘eco-thing’ as he tries to go ‘green’.
I heard my humans talking about a cricket named Abie or Hash or something. I only know one cricket – the one who kept me awake last night with his loud chirping. So I asked my humans if Abie and Hash also chirp loudly. They laughed and said, “Only if they play Australia”.Stripes
Stripes the Eco-Cat is an environmental education tool that links classroom learning to the real world. It contextualises the curriculum and makes learning relevant and helps to improve proficiency in literacy and language skills.   ABI - Stripes Project Report   The stories are posted on Stripes’ own page on the Whale Coast Conservation website, Facebook and in Whale Talk magazine.  

Stripes – The Protected Trees

Today I learned about protected trees.  People do strange things. They like to burn their meat on a fire before ...
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Stripes – The Sun Bird

I was hanging out in my garden one day to see if the bees were enjoying the flowers. There are ...
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Stripes – The Bee Garden

My humans are not here today. I don’t know why they disappear some days, but it’s not much fun for ...
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