Membership Information


Dear Members and Friends of Whale Coast Conservation

As we reach the end of our 2014/15 financial year, we would like to thank you for your loyal and generous support. Without this our mission and objectives would remain unfulfilled.


We need the continuing affirmation and energy of our members. We also need sustainable funding to achieve success. We acknowledge the generous funding contributions to date of several individuals, trusts, non-profit organisations and for-profit companies. Not least, our members have donated generously at our various talks and functions, for which we are grateful.

In particular, we acknowledge the primary funding received over the past 2 years from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund. A further funding tranche is expected for 2015.  However, we cannot take for granted funding continuity from this as primary source beyond the coming year.

The planned expansion of our activities and services inevitably entails increasing costs. To maintain our relevance and impact in an environment faced with escalating challenges, we need to attract and secure sustainable funding from a wider array of sources.


To address this need, we have pleasure in announcing the following enhancements to our funding model.

Green Gem Investors

We invite all who support WCC’s goals to become “Green Geminvestors in the environment through financial support of our programmes and projects. In due course we will send you information about specific projects for which we seek financial support. You will be able to dedicate your investment to any particular project, thereby supporting an initiative close to your heart.

All investments in the environment, large or small, will be gratefully received. Green Geminvestments will be invited annually and can be made in any of the following categories:

  • Green Garnet Investor:                  Up to R10,000 per financial year
  • Green Emerald Investor:              Over R10,000 up to R50,000 per financial year
  • Green Diamond Investor:            Over R50,000 per financial year

Green Gem investors in the environment will be publicly acknowledged in various ways, as deemed appropriate from time to time. The profile of recognition will depend on the category of investment and will be agreed with funders in advance. All Green Gem investors in the environment will be acknowledged on our website and in our annual report.

As WCC is a registered Public Benefit Organisation, all Green Gem investments in the environmentwill qualify as tax deductible donations.

We will also ask you to put us in touch with other potential funders who might be keen to support our activities. In this way, we hope to grow our funding and membership bases and enhance our impact.

You can also invest in the environment by nominating WCC as a beneficiary on your MyPlanet card.


To ensure the widest possible impact of our activities, the current membership base will be extended to include all current non-member friends of WCC. That’s right – automatic membership with full benefits will be accorded to all our friends, supporters and subscribers from the 2015 financial year. That way we can work together even more closely with important stakeholders and our programme of activities can be monitored and held to account by a diverse and growing membership. At the same time, an expanded membership base will support our efforts to attract funding from potential new sources.


To align with the above new funding model and expansion of the membership base, the WCC Management Board has decided to waive the membership fee altogether, until further notice. Hence for 2015/16 the WCC membership fee has been reduced to zero.  All current members, friends and supporters will receive WCC membership for 2015/16 at no cost. For administrative and reporting purposes, classes of membership will remain unchanged, viz., Individual, Organisational (non-profit) or Corporate (for-profit) Members.

All paid-up members for 2015/16 and those who have paid in advance under our 5-year special offer are thanked for their support. We will, with your permission, regard your contribution as a donation, under the Green Gem investment scheme. All such donations qualify for tax exemption.

We appeal to all our members to donate the equivalent of the former membership fee, or more, to WCC to become Green Gem investors in the environment. Please contact us for details and guidance.


All members, existing and new, will receive the benefits offered by WCC, including our monthly newsletter and other communications as well as invitations to our talks, events and AGM. The Green House “green” resource centre will welcome you to come and learn more about sustainable living options, such as energy saving and how to deal with load shedding. Very importantly, your interests will be served through our advocacy and eco-watch functions and our active participation in various forums and processes where we represent the interests of members.

Together we can make a difference. Please invest in WCC as your representative in caring for your environment.

If you do not wish to remain a member of WCC or receive our communications, there will be an “unsubscribe” option on future emails.