WCC started with the iKamva Lethu Zwelihle project in 2010 and since planted over three thousand trees in Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant and Hawston communities. With the help of various sponsors and partners we continue with this every year. Included in the beneficiaries are our schools and pre-schools in the Overstrand. With the tree distribution and planting staff always make sure that the important message of the role of trees in our natural environment reaches the recipients.
Gardens: In 2012 WCC started the Gardening Competition in Zwelihle and expanded the competition in 2013 to Hawston and Mt Pleasant. Here the aim is to get residences involved in greening and uplifting their homes and environment in general by keeping starting or maintaining existing gardens. It is encouraged that food gardening is taken up or improved and not just general aesthetics that comes with well-manicured gardens.

Staff members are receiving training and keeps abreast of the developments in agriculture by attending workshops and meetings with DAFF and Food and Trees for Africa’s school involvement programme Eduplant.


Community Projects are coordinated by Shirley Volkwyn and managed by Rob Fryer and the execution involves all staff members to and volunteers to assist leading up to calendar events.
How to become a ‘greenie’?

Anyone can apply to take part in or volunteer at our community events which are advertised in local newspapers and in public spaces.