Hayley McLellan – What Makes a Successful Environmental Campaign?

Whale Coast Conservation

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Date(s) - 15/09/2015
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Green House


What makes a successful environmental campaign?


Hayley McLellan will address this interesting and challenging topic immediately after the WCC AGM on 14 September at 17h30. She writes:

Addressing the overwhelming topic of environmental litter can lead one down many varied paths of debate. Add to this that the perfect intricacies of creating effective campaigns of any sort are many and often remain elusive, it is no wonder we find ourselves feeling bewildered as to how to successfully make a difference in life. With so many variables that exist it seems inevitable that not all aspects are always considered when creating calls to action. Sometimes, however, the important thing is that at least some attempt is made for how common it is to rather feign ignorance or busyness and make such issues someone else’s responsibility to solve?

Hundreds if not thousands of messages are rammed down our throats daily, and the environmental ones can eventually lead to an officially recognised condition called “eco-depression”. People who consistently speak on behalf of environmental protection will more easily relate to this feeling.

Knowledge is said to be power and has the potential to lead to empowering action. Feeling one has made a difference, in any situation really, can truly boost one’s feeling of connection to the lives we share with others – including that of the planet.

How information is delivered is key and simplicity is often part of a winning process. At the Two Oceans Aquarium we approach all projects with the audience in mind and in the case of our six environmental campaigns we aim to keep the manner in which the topics are shared eye-catching, digestible and do-able. Although the delivery of the campaigns may seem to be primarily aimed at the younger generation, the overall messages are for everyone and can be widely applied.

Let’s all remember that effective campaigning is about impact not action, results not effort and outcomes not output.


Hayley McLellan began her career in 1989 with Sea World in Durban. Ensuing years saw her dedicated to animal care, behavior and presentations of many different species including dolphins, seals, penguins, vultures, macaws, birds of prey and many other indigenous and exotic birds. These experiences grew her passion for conservation of the environment as a whole. As the Environmental Campaigner at the Two Oceans Aquarium, human behavior is her newfound inspiration.