GreenHouse Displays

We offer four exhibitions per year in our theme areas of Water, Energy, Waste and Biodiversity. Each expo is made up of interactive displays, are strongly educative and aligned to the national curriculum.

Schools are invited to book a date to come to the GreenHouse for a tailored lesson on any or all of these displays. The cost is R10 per learner and we can accommodate 20 to 80 learners.

Term 1 focuses on Water. The display is available to schools until the end of April (report attached)


In term 2 we highlight Energy. We examine how our use of fossil fuels impacts climate change, how we generate electricity, what sustainable alternatives are available, how we can reduce our dependence on it and how we can spend less on it.


During the third term Whale Coast Conservation focuses on Waste. The collection, sorting, tallying and analysis of waste in clean ups is key to understanding waste behaviour around a particular debris item. Armed with information an intervention plan can be made to lessen the incidence of this debris. The cigarette butt bin is a good example of such an intervention and is used to teach the value of clean ups and waste profiling and a mechanism for changing irresponsible behaviour.


In the last term we highlight the importance of biodiversity, especially in an area as diverse as the Overstrand and where much of the economy is nature-dependent.