Donation Of Books

WCC received a wonderful donation from the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund. Ingrid and Roger Porter donated 13 copies of the Roberts Birds of South Africa reference book to WCC on behalf of the fund. They also brought a large number of mailing boxes that we are delighted to be able to use for filing the huge amount of Eco-Schools material.

2Some of the bird reference books will be distributed to schools and organisations that have an interest in birds and birding and a couple of copies will be retained in our eco-resource library. We are really delighted with this generous gift. This part of the Western Cape has many Important Birding Areas and the birds are such an economic asset in respect of avitourism that it is imperative that young people learn about birds and appreciate not just their importance in maintaining the health of eco-systems, but also their value in potential job creation.

Ingrid has a special interest in the production of the Roberts Bird Book.  She is one of the artists who illustrates the book and serves on the Board of Trustees for the JVBBF, responsible for coordinating all the art work.

Roger is the grandson of Harold Porter, founder of the Harold Porter Gardens in Betty’s Bay, and was with the Natal Parks Board until his retirement.

We thank Ingrid and Roger for thinking of us in the distribution of the welcome gift.