About Us


The Overstrand Conservation Foundation (OCF), now trading as Whale Coast Conservation, was established in 2002. We are a member based organisation founded with the mission to unify, coordinate and promote environmentally sustainable living in the Cape Whale Coast region of the Western Cape, South Africa . Our vision is that the Cape Whale Coast community will be…read more

Operational Focus

Whale Coast Conservation’s operations divide into four focus areas:

  • Eco-Management
  • Eco-Learning
  • Eco-Living
  • Eco-Community

These focus areas may be described…read more

Guiding Principles

Whale Coast Conservation uses four principles, summarised below, to guide its thinking and actions:

Principle 1: Adopt and lead the application of best practice in the environmental conservation field.

Principle 2: Conservation requires a proactive, multidisciplinary approach to designing and implementing sustainable living and development.

Principle 3: Conservation results from choices people make and can only be achieved by…read more

The Organization

The Overstrand Conservation Foundation, trading as Whale Coast Conservation, is a member-based, non-governmental organisation (NGO), that operates in accordance with its constitution (To read our constitution, click here). The organisation is registered as non-profit organisation (NPO) in terms…read more